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Why home care may be the best solution.

When we start noticing that a loved one is acting differently it can be a worrying and uncertain time for the whole family. It can start with the smallest things but there is always that red flag or that nagging feeling that there is something amiss. 

Personal experience of dementia can give you a unique insight into this truly world-altering condition. There are days when you forget there is anything wrong as your loved one is “fine” but then they may say something unusual which reminds you that they are struggling. On occasion, they may even say something that may confuse you or even offend you, however you don’t want to challenge your loved one as that will only embarrass them and potentially make them aggressive. It is a hard time for everyone – remember you aren’t alone and there are many other people out there in the same situation. 

The time will come when you begin to become concerned about your loved one’s safety and you may come to the realisation that having some additional care is required. You may have them living with you which will help ease your mind, however daily care and fulfilling your current life commitments may become difficult and stressful even with the best intentions. It is never the wrong decision to ask for support, not asking for support is where issues may arise. 

Many people with dementia can find moving to a care home an extremely confusing and frightening transition which can sometimes escalate their deterioration. 

For the same cost (on many occasions usually less) you could have a live-in carer who is there in the home with your loved one. Therefore, they are surrounded by their own belongings and routines which may help them keep their independence and dignity for as long as possible. 

Working with a company such as Abicare means that you can choose the carer that you will be working with, and we work as a unit to ensure that your loved one has fun activities to keep them engaged and stimulated. Abicare uses care hubs and works with the family and the medical team caring for your loved one, ensuring a cohesive and complementary care plan where everyone follows the same techniques that work best for your family. 

If you are looking at care options, the Abicare Live-in team is always happy to help. 

Laura Tilling – Abicare Business Development Manager