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The Stubborn Recipient

I talk to people daily who are looking for advice and support when they have a loved one that is in need of additional support. It is a difficult time and sometimes the not knowing where to go or who to talk to can be hard. 

A common trend is that a lot of people are dealing with a stubborn family member who doesn’t want to accept help. This is to be understood, they are happy with their current life and routine and don’t want someone (a stranger especially) coming in and disrupting their home. 

Firstly this is completely normal. The team here at Abicare deal with this all the time so no behaviour is new to us, it is better we know and can prepare our care plan to suit this type of situation. 

The difficulty is to get that individual to accept help, and you have to remember this is a process and we always take it at their pace (to a degree of course.) However, I have never known of a case where the person wasn’t relieved and thankful after they have had some one on one support and they realise the benefits.   

Since I joined Abicare the one thing that was made remarkably clear to me from my first day was that the main priority of every person from the cleaners, carers, admin staff all the way up to the CEO is about giving the best care that suits the client’s bespoke needs and not what fits into our schedule. 

Laura Tilling – Abicare Business Development Manager