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Live-in care career FAQs

Client FAQs

Why would I want a live-in carer?

Some people like live-in carers because it means they can stay at home. It’s that simple. If the choice is between your home or a care home, live-in care is the answer.

Is live-in care very expensive?

Live-in care is not as expensive as moving into a care home or other residential facility. It is more expensive than a part time carer but it does mean that you get to stay at home and live your life in your surroundings!

I don’t think I’d like sharing my life with a stranger

Maybe not, but you won’t be! Your carer will simply be there for you. She (or he!) will live in your house, make your meals, help you around, take you shopping or whatever else you want to do. Then they will either go back to their own part of the house or sit with you to chat. It is your choice.

What if I don’t get on with my carer?

We work hard to match you with a carer we think you’ll like and whose company you will enjoy but if it doesn’t work out we will keep trying until you find your perfect carer. We have carers from all parts of the world and one of our clients wanted a carer fluent in a specific language so that she could continue to converse in a ‘foreign’ language. We were pleased to be able to accommodate this request.

Will my carer be a man or a woman?

We have both available and you are welcome to choose what best suits your needs!

Could my carer come on holiday with me?

Yes, very possibly. We have several clients who do take carers away with them.

Surely my carer needs a break during the day?

Your carer will be allocated two hours off each day. During this time you can either have another carer sent to you by us or a relative or friend can be with you. 

How do I access Abicare live-in care?

Call us on 0345 241 0198 and speak to one of our specialist care managers or complete the online form and one of our care managers will phone you back when it is convenient for you. The care manager for your area will visit you in your own home, at a time that suits you and will carry out a free care assessment. We will discuss your carer requirements and match you with an experienced live-in carer- creating a care plan that is person-centered for you.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £1216 per week but this may vary depending upon the type of package you require.

How do I pay for my care?

We have a whole section on how to pay for your care, please visit the paying for care section of our website. Find out more

Where does Abicare provide live-in care?

We provide live-in care nationwide throughout the UK.

Do you provide Dementia care?

Yes, our live-in carers are specially trained to provide support to dementia care clients

What should I do in an emergency situation?

If it is a medical emergency, then dial 999 or 111. The live-in carer is fully trained in emergency protocols and guidance is given in the carers and client handbook. Guidance is also is given in the carer handbook regarding other emergencies – power cuts, water leaks etc

Will my carer help with household chores?

Yes, your carer will support you with any household chores that need doing.

What other services do you provide?

We provide a number of services including home care, night care, respite/holiday cover, sits and outings and ongoing specialist care. For further information please visit the care services section of our website. Find out more

Why should I choose Abicare for my live-in care?

Because we are the best! Fully checked and vetted, CQC & CIW rated and with good testimonials from our satisfied clients, we are proud of the service we offer. Please feel free to try our services with no long-term commitment, all we need is 1 week notice of cancellation.