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Donna’s Story

Donna’s Story

My Career Journey

When I left school I trained as a Dental Nurse (although I originally wanted to be a Policewoman), which I did for 6 years before getting married and moving to England where I did office work and I worked in the Officers’ Mess.

In 2004 after my father sadly passed away, I decided to become a carer because I’d seen the wonderful job that my dad’s carers had done for him- when I told my family and friends they thought that I would not be able to do the job as I was very shy and that perhaps I wouldstruggle to help someone with their personal care.

I had only planned to be a carer for a couple of years, but I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had – meeting and looking after the loveliest clients, hearing their life stories and helping them to remain living at home.

Why did I join Abicare?

I decided to join Abicare because I like their ethos, what they stand for and they’re extremely family oriented. I was a carer for two and a half years before I was offered a role in the office as a Coordinator. I continued to be promoted through the ranks to Locality Manager, Senior Locality Manager, Registered Manager then to Area Manager, and I am now the Business Development Manager for Live-in Care.

I have always been passionate about growing Abicare – Anne-Marie and Sandra have always
been very supportive of me and offer me guidance when I need it.

I did leave Abicare to go back home to Northern Ireland, where I worked for another care company and I helped to grow their business. However, my husband was then posted to Gosport so I jumped at the chance to come back to Abicare!

Why have I stayed with Abicare?

I have stayed with Abicare because I still believe in their ethos, their vision and their values – there are career opportunities for everyone, and career progression and personal development is actively encouraged. The managers at Abicare are always keen to identify and encourage you to reach your full potential, helping you to achieve your career goals.

They support anyone who wishes to progress within the company, whether you wish to progress from being a carer to senior carer, or like me, developing a career in Management.

“Abicare is where my heart is and always has been.” - Donna Provan

Career Pathways at Abicare

Abicare are proud to support all staff with their professional and personal development – we recognise that every single person has different skills, strengths and interests, which is why we offer a wide range of training on various topics by our in-house training team. We have a number of varied roles (including carer roles, working in management, office based roles, etc) so whether you’re new to care, you’re already a carer and wish to progress, or you are looking to join Abicare in a non carer role, our supportive team can help you to meet your full potential.

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