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Palliative Live-in Care

Palliative Live-in Care

Palliative Live-in Home Care

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Find out more about our round the clock support in the comfort of your own home, from our dedicated team of specialist palliative carers

What are the benefits of palliative Live-in care?

At Abicare, we understand that palliative care is hugely personal and every service user’s needs depend massively on their physical and mental condition, their surroundings and the people they have around them. Palliative care includes end of life care, and our aim is to make sure our service users are kept as comfortable as possible, especially if they have a worsening, incurable condition or illness, through things like pain management. We believe that our service users deserve the highest quality care so that their final wishes are respected and they can die with dignity. Many service users who are nearing the end of their life feel more comfortable receiving care at home so that they’re not separated from family, friends and their familiar surroundings. Our specialist palliative carers understand that this type of care requires heightened sensitivity and will always communicate with you openly and honestly. We understand that high quality end of life care requires plenty of communication and compassion.

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What does palliative Live-in care include?

At Abicare, we strive to encourage our service users to live as independently as possible, in whatever ways their condition will allow. As well as personal care and companionship, our Live-in carers will help you to continue activities that you or your loved one enjoys for as long as possible. Palliative Live-in care might include the following:

  • Personal care – bathing, dressing, going to the toilet and supervision of medicine
  • Low-support medical care, including pain management so that the service user is as comfortable as possible
  • Light housework – laundry, shopping or walking the dog
  • Help with preparing your favourite meals
  • Accompanying you on trips
  • Companionship – the smallest things really can make the biggest difference, especially for those nearing the end of their life. Every minute counts, and it’s important to have a familiar face around the house so that service users feel assured and have continuity in their day-to-day life
  • Overnight Care – those requiring end of life or palliative care may wake up in the night, and they can be very uncomfortable when they do and unable to get out of bed on their own. Our specialist carers are on hand to offer help and reassurance during the night, to ensure a service user’s safety and alleviate any anxieties or discomfort
  • Physical and mental support, especially if a service feels scared, confused, disorientated or anxious – As a service user approaches the end of their life, the impact on their mental health can be huge, so our specialist carers are on hand to assist service users in effectively expressing themselves and to help them maintain their dignity and independence
  • Encouragement with physical and recreational activities if possible, for example, going for a short walk, going to the cinema, or meeting a friend for coffee
  • Running essential errands, for example collecting your medication or doing a food shop
  • Respite Care – If you are someone’s regular care giver, and you need some extra support or some time off, our team of carers can step in and help and give you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is receiving the high quality of care that they are used to

Our specialist carers are on hand to provide 24 hour care in the comfort of your own home. Get in touch today to find out more about Live-in palliative care.

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