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Who we support

Who we support

Specialist Home Care Providers

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Whatever support you need, Abicare has experienced and trained specialist carers ready to provide your visiting or live-in care. Find out more about the types of support Abicare offers by getting in touch today.

Home care for the elderly

You might be over 65 and looking for some support within the home. Abicare has over 25 years of experience providing home care for the elderly within the UK, from help with daily tasks to specialist nursing care.

Everyone has different needs. That’s why Abicare works with you to create your own personal care plan. Whatever you need help with, we will know exactly how to go about delivering your care. Our nationwide relationships with medical groups, government agencies and charities mean we understand the range of caregiving necessary to help everyone live more independently. With Abicare’s support for the elderly at home, you are able to:

• Stay in your own home for longer.
• Keep your independence.
• Get one-to-one care in familiar surroundings.
• Benefit from 25 years of experience in home care services for the elderly.

Contact us to find out more about help for an elderly person living at home.

Care for adults with mental health needs

Care at home can transform the lives of people with mental health needs and their families. With a specialist carer, trained in supporting mental health needs, families can free up time spent as caregivers and spend more quality time with one another.

Abicare’s mental health home care services are carefully designed to focus on the person receiving care. To create your bespoke care package, our specialist carers are trained to spend time getting to know the person with mental health needs, their family and friends. By looking at the person’s life holistically, our carers can create a bespoke care package, which will:

• Deliver person-centred care.
• Include carers with specialist training for mental health needs.
• Free up family time from care.
• Help ensure the person’s safety.
• Encourage the person to achieve their potential wherever possible.

For care for a loved one with mental health issues, please get in touch with Abicare today.

Care for people with learning disabilities

Whether the care you need is for someone with a mild learning disability or a severe mental incapacity, our carers are trained to help. The Abicare team understands both the principles and the practice of person-centered care and assisted living. This means your care package will make sure the goals you need to achieve are always tackled in the way you want.

As well as visiting care and respite care, Abicare offers live-in care for learning disabilities. Your care package could include:

• Ensuring personal safety.
• Helping the person achieve his or her potential.
• Freeing up family time from care – giving you more quality time together.
• Social inclusion or rehabilitation services.
• Transport escort services.

Contact us today with any questions you have on our supported living services for learning disabilities.

Care for people with physical impairments

We provide help for people of all ages with physical impairments. From visiting care that helps with daily tasks to live-in care for disabled adults, our disability home care support is designed to work alongside the other care parties involved. Your disability home care package will:

• Help you remain in control of your everyday tasks.
• Free up your time to be as involved as possible in daily life.

Talk to Abicare today for more information on home care for disabled people.

Home care for people with autism

From 24 hour live-in care to occasional respite care for autism, Abicare can help. Providing the right level of home care for someone on the autism spectrum requires carers with specialist training. Our trained and motivated carers can minimise the obstacles to home-care learning and development that autism presents.

Abicare works with you to minimise the stress and regression of autistic symptoms, while finding new ways to help the person achieve their potential. Your care package is designed to:

• Maximise the personal growth of the person with autism.
• Minimise stress and regression of autistic symptoms.
• Minimise learning and development obstacles.

Contact Abicare today to find out more about autism care across the UK.

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Looking for specialist care?

Specialist home care services can help you through chronic or complex illnesses using visiting or live-in care. Find out more about our dementia, palliative and neurological care.

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Visiting care

Regular care visits let you stay at home with the flexibility to select the times and tasks you need help with most. Discover the visiting care services on offer: home help, sits and outings, night care, and convalescent care.

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Live-in care

When daily visits aren’t enough, our live-in care service helps you get support in the comfort of your own home. Explore our live-in care, convalescent care, holiday or respite care, and companionship services.

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