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Love Your Lungs Week 2020

love your lungs

This week is Love Your Lungs Week, to raise awareness of lung conditions. This initiative was started by the British Lung Foundation to raise awareness and focus on lung health. The aim of Love Your Lungs Week is to raise awareness of lung conditions and to raise funds for vital research as well as raising money for the support and campaigning work the foundation undertakes.


The British Lung Foundation is a UK registered charity that aims to bring about a day when everyone can breathe clean air with lungs that are healthy. 

At the heart of this organisation is its research into lung conditions, with the aim to improve care as well as prevent, treat and cure lung diseases. Support is also provided for those who are suffering with lung disease. 


Throughout the year the British Lung Foundation organises a number of other campaigns and events. Battle for Breath is one such campaign. The Foundation is calling on supporters to urge the government to create a task force for lung health and to come up with a workable plan.

Lung conditions have really come to the forefront in recent months- Coronavirus is a huge concern for everyone, but there are some groups in particular that are vulnerable, including those with lung conditions. The British Lung Foundation have created a page with useful information regarding Coronavirus, help and advice and links to latest updates.


There are other ways that you can help look after your lungs and your breathing. Taking some time out of your day to do some very basic yoga that focuses on breathing can really help control breathing and mental wellbeing. 

care for your body and mind

If you’re used to using modern technology, there are many apps for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches that can help with your breathing.

These apps let you set a length of time for each session so you can take a few minutes to slow down and focus on breathing. You can also set reminders throughout the day, which can really help make a difference to help focus your body and mind. 

During this particular time it is essential that we look after our lungs and our breathing patterns- We care that you look after yourselves.