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Learning Disability Week 2020

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This week it’s Learning Disability Week and the theme is the importance of friendships during lockdown. 

Learning Disability Week is a yearly event created by Mencap, the leading voice of learning disability.

The coronavirus pandemic is a frightening and worrying time, even more so if you have been living in lockdown. The majority of people with a learning disability feel isolated as they have not been able to see their friends and family- they often already experience high levels of loneliness and social isolation, which will have been made a lot worse during lockdown.

Mencap aims to show the importance of friendships to help with tackling isolation, as well as exploring the different ways of maintaining friendships during this time. 

One such way is through befriending-  You can email Mencap at [email protected] to 

  • find out more about befriending 
  • see what befriending options are available in your area 
  • receive information on setting up a befriending service

You can find out more about Mencap and Learning Disability Week here:


care for those with learning difficulties
Specialist care

At Abicare we have a number of learning disability clients whose needs range from having a mild learning disability through to severe mental incapacity. We understand the importance of ensuring that all our LD clients receive excellent person-centered care and assisted living, and we are so thankful for our wonderful carers who provide such dedicated visiting care, respite care and live-in care- giving our clients and their families reassurance and peace of mind at all times.

You can find out more about the care we provide to support someone with a learning disability here: https://abicare.co.uk/who-we-support/