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The Invisible Army

There is a battle going on within our own shores, being fought by an Invisible Army…. The foot soldiers in Care!

They face difficulties every day, just like the rest of the population. Petrol prices going up, food prices going up, juggling their wages like everyone else. This army though, those of us that are left, those of us weathering the difficulties, who are dedicated, loyal, determined, absolutely gutsy and honourable, just keep going. We are tired though, and we are losing good people quite often to burn out and stress. Just covering absences and losses takes its toll. 

As an agency we have had to give notice to at least six clients. We just couldn’t cover them anymore. The ones that have sadly passed away we can’t replace.  We really are fighting a battle!

Our colleagues around the country are facing the same challenges, fighting the same battle.

On 14th June I was listening to Good Morning Britain on ITV. Andrew Pierce (Daily Mail) and Kevin Maguire (Daily Mirror) were discussing current affairs, specifically ambulance waiting times. The examples of waiting times were horrendous! The stats of one hospital… 22  ambulances sat outside A&E with patients inside being looked after by Ambulance Paramedics, while waiting anything from 8 – 12 hours before actually getting into the hospital. Reason…no beds.  Apart from the loss of thousands of beds over the last 10 years, it is bed blocking causing a lot of the problems now.  Why? Both Andrew and Kevin were very clear why…. there are not enough Carers in the Community to receive and service patients who are eligible for discharge.

Both acknowledged that despite all the government rhetoric over putting money into the NHS and Social Care, the latter will never see money. Anything that may trickle in with the leftovers from the NHS in two and a half years time will not provide ‘boots on the ground,’ which are needed now!


Nothing is going to improve unless we can grow our Army!

Abicare is actively trying to be part of the solution. 

Social Care has to stop whining and complaining and help itself. 

Abicare’s Managing Director Anne-Marie Perry is proactive and a leading figure in pushing Social Care into the Educational Arena, as well as her involvement in other initiatives. Some Abicare initiatives are already taking place in our local communities. Free Dementia Workshops, End of Life Workshops to name two. We are doing our best to service our communities in other ways, to help, to advise, to make a difference.

Meanwhile, we lack the staff to service the people who are eligible for release from hospitals, which would release beds, cut the waiting times of Ambulances outside hospitals, thus releasing Ambulances to service the emergency call outs in better time in the community.

Do we need to beg!

No, certainly not! We are stepping up to the challenges; we are doing everything we can to help ourselves and to help our communities.

It is now time for members of the public to help themselves as well!

We hope some of you will step up.  A few hours a week of paid care work can make a difference! 

Collectively we all need to stop whining, we need to stop complaining, and we need to take on some of the responsibility ourselves. We can all be part of the solution if we want to be.

Social Care is a big part of the solution to ease the hospital bed crisis, to reduce the ambulance waiting times and to potentially save the lives of the people who need an ambulance..like right now! 

It could be you waiting for the siren and the blue light. Think about it?

It’s time for us all to dig deep.

Can you offer us a few hours a week?

Do you need experience which would enable you to progress onwards to another career path perhaps … maybe in the NHS?

Do you want to build your confidence?

Do you just need to fill some time?

Do you want to give something valuable to your community?

You can be selfish about it, it’s OK 👍 You can make it work for you and take from us all you need!


You could consider our


5 people  … 10 hours a week … 50 hours hours of Care! WOW!

(Other contracts are also available).


Britain needs more foot soldiers in Care.

We no longer want to be in the shadows,  we no longer want to be the Silent Army!


Social Care is a BIG and IMPORTANT part of the solution to ease the NHS crisis in this country.

Abicare needs people like YOU,  so give us a call on 0330 058 9464 or visit https://jobs.abicare.co.uk/ to find out more.

Be part of the solution and help us fly the flag for care!