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The title of this blog series is Happy Care Days – However, this particular blog is not a happy care story but it is about a real life experience, and sometimes life experiences can be sad and emotional. As carers we try to be as uplifting as possible by providing joy, laughter and emotional support  to the lives of our clients. 

The following blog piece is called Rosie – By Kate Ball. 

Rosie is a Cockerpoo. She is black with white paws and a cute little white patch on her chest. I saw Rosie on the Preloved website a few months ago.  She was 18 months old and needed a home. I pondered for nearly an hour if there was a way I could rehome Rosie but sadly I worked too many hours and it wasn’t possible. My neighbour had been searching for a rescue dog for over a year after the death of her Lab George, so with a sad ❤  I passed all the details onto her, and the very next day she brought Rosie home to her forever home and she is very loved.

Back in August 2021 I lost my dog Daisy of 17 and a half years, and my beautiful mum, both within a few days of each other. Daisy went to my mum’s when I worked. Mum loved her and Daisy loved mum. My world was empty. My home is still without soul and has no warmth when I come home. I long for the day I can have a new companion in my life.

Rosie’s mum has had an operation, and I have been part of the network of neighbours who have looked after Rosie during this time. I was blessed to have her for a few days last week whilst on holiday from Abicare. My home and my life came alive again.

Rosie’s mum came home on Saturday from hospital, and we neighbours are now sharing the dog walking.

Today is my day off and Rosie and I have been for a wonderful walk.  We met up with my friend and her dogs. I used to walk Daisy with them most days.  It was like old times. The joy of the dogs, the trees and the countryside, and the company and conversation with my friend. Oh how I have missed all this.

I have clients who either love cats or dogs. They tell me about their pets of their past.

Some have photographs around their home, and some just have the memories of them.  Whichever it is, without fail, each wishes for their own special companion now.  The dog lovers wish they had a dog, the cat lovers wish they had a cat. Whichever their choice, it’s their age, health and mobility that prevents this precious little friend being there for them now.

How sad this is 😔

Life can be cruel. No matter our age, no matter how our bodies may be letting us down, our hearts and our minds still yearn for the things we all want, which is to share love, to share companionship.

This is another layer of our clients’ wellbeing that we become mindful of as we get to know that person. Learning their interests, learning their loves.

For me; I will have my ‘Rosie ‘ in my future.  At my age, I know she will be my last companion, and I will enjoy every moment I have with her.

For now I will enjoy walking my neighbour’s dog on my days off and telling my clients all about her and sharing photographs, which I know they will enjoy! 

I hope that my experiences will go some way to fill the void in their hearts 💕

A client, a dear lady who sadly passed away some time ago, always used to say at every visit “age does not come alone.” Some of our carers will probably remember this.

Age does not come alone unfortunately.  It comes with grief, with pain, with loneliness and sometimes a broken 💔

A Carer can ease all of that. We can be their ‘Rosie.’ We can make our clients laugh, we can ease their pain, we can share something of ourselves that can plug that void even if only for a short time.

We can’t make everything perfect all of the time, but we can make a difference for some of the time.

As a Carer, YOU can make all the difference in the world 🌎 to someone!

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