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Care for Others- Make a Difference: Thank You Care Workers

Make a Difference Thanks to Care Workers

Care workers have always been an essential part of any community- they help to make a real difference to those who need it most, and now more than ever they should be applauded for the work they do.

The need for carers has always been great, but the events of the last few months have highlighted just how valuable they are. At Abicare we have worked tirelessly to ensure that we have live-in carers available at a number of hotels that have been turned into makeshift hospitals, and as always all our Abicare carers have continued to do a phenomenal job on a daily basis, providing a consistently high level of care.

You may have seen on our social media channels over the last few weeks that we have been celebrating the Care For Others- Make a Difference Campaign, with the hashtag ThankYouCareWorkers.

For some it’s a vocation or a calling, for others it’s a career change and the chance to start something new, or it could just be something you wish to do part time to help make a difference in your community, but whatever your reason for becoming a carer, you are doing something that is absolutely fantastic and greatly appreciated.

If you, or someone you know is interested in becoming a carer, please do direct them to our brand new website; www.abicare.co.uk

If you want to know more about working in social care, The Department of Health and Social Care has an informative website – www.everydayisdifferent.com, which is packed full of useful information regarding becoming a carer, what the different roles entail and a short quiz to see if being a carer is for you!

We Care at Abicare.