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I recently heard some reporting on SKY NEWS newspaper reviews. They touched on the subject of Social Care and more specifically Domiciliary Care.

The information given by the guest journalist was not accurate, at least not accurate with regards to Abicare. The journalist suggested that the main reason the Social Care Sector has no chance of recruiting new staff is because they get paid so little and do not get paid travelling time between clients.

At Abicare we are continually looking at ways to recruit, and to make our profession more appealing to prospective candidates.

Over the months we have met with our Government MP Michelle Donelan twice and through her we had a meeting with the minister of Health and Social Care, Gillian Keegan. I was also in communication with the Minister of Education Nadhim Zahawi. With all of these people we were able to discuss our views of how to improve conditions within our sector, both face to face and with my written communications. 

Abicare are passionate and dedicated to improve all aspects of our profession, not just for ourselves but for everyone in our Sector. We believe so much more could be done to improve Social Care that the government are not doing or haven’t thought of, and yes we believe that breaking into the Educational Arena could be key for us.

With a change in government looming I will certainly be knocking on their door again, directing my communications to the new Minister for Health and Social Care and the new Minister for Education.

This coming week our Managing Director Anne-Marie Perry will be going to see John Glenn, the MP for Salisbury, with a very long list of what we think needs to be done by the government to help our Sector.

We do not stop campaigning.


Because communities all over our country are desperate for our services.  They are desperate for care.

Agencies everywhere are desperate for new staff to service

YOUR family members 

YOUR friends 


YOUR neighbours.

Generalised PERCEPTIONS are wrong!

At  Abicare we


Without our wonderful staff we are nothing!

We will continue to fight for our staff and our communities at the highest levels!

We are completely committed to improving every element of the Social Care Sector.  We will not give up and we will not be discouraged. We will be writing and speaking with anyone who we believe could be a friend to Care and will listen and will act!

We are vocal on Radio and TV, in Newspapers and on Social Media!

We believe in ourselves and we are committed to finding the care that our communities so desperately need.


Please take a look at our job vacancies, there is something for everyone there. 

We at Abicare are committed to supporting our staff and our communities.

I can only urge you to not dismiss the idea of working in the Care Sector wherever you live.

Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions of any Care Agency.

You would be hard pushed to find a job that gives you so much job satisfaction.  A job where you can make such a difference to someone’s life.

I recently met a gentleman who pleaded with me to try and get Care for his wife. He was willing to accept anything we could give him as he could not find any agency that could help him.  Thankfully we have been able to help this family but can only deliver a small fraction of the care he would like and needs.

This is distressing for him and for us!

YOU really can make a difference!

Give us a ring!  You have nothing to lose!

We are just a phone call away!