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New Year

Holidays are over for another year. Hopefully, everyone has enjoyed themselves with family and friends.  I know I have had my best Christmas in a long time.

For us at our Bradford on Avon office there has been sadness at the death of a dear client; we have two clients that have been admitted to the hospital, and two more who have been poorly. Emotions have been up and down for various reasons, but we still delivered care to our clients with a smile and some humour, which resulted in a happy weekend for all.

Now on my day off, I have time to take stock, review the past few days, to reflect.

It was my privilege to visit my client and his family just hours before he died.  To have a chance to say goodbye and to know he knew I was there. My heart hurt, but the chance to say my goodbyes after our year long journey together was a wonderful experience.  The journey was completed for both of us.

There have been moments when colleagues have needed my support and that too was my privilege to be there for them.

I have received some wonderful gifts from colleagues who went out of their way to make me feel appreciated at Christmas. They succeeded; I feel humbled and grateful to them. I am proud to work with them and to be part of our team. My Abicare family.

Caring is not for the faint hearted, but it is a perfect career for those with a big heart 


As a team we are hoping that 2023 will be a better year for us locally and for our profession.  We hope it will be less stressful for us; we hope it will be possible to service more people in our community.

We hope our numbers will increase.

Caring can be exhausting, frustrating, exhilarating, fulfilling, a joy!

Our emotions don’t change day to day; not hour by hour; they change client to client. 

Each and every one of our special ladies and gentlemen can look forward to their very special and unique caring carer walking through their door. It’s not always the same carer; each carer will bring our clients something different, something fresh, something unique. They will develop and nurture their own special relationships.  This gives a roundness to the care we deliver. The small teams that service a particular individual will bring something of themselves which is what we hope will give a fulfilling experience to all.

It is a mystery to me why Care has become so unfashionable as a profession now.

Never have I worked in a job that has given me so much.

I hope all the people out there with big hearts will give some thought to Community; give some thought to Caring; give some thought to Service.

With a big heart you can bring joy to others.

Our Abicare family has the biggest heart of all.

We all carry baggage and have some imperfections, but we are a solid team!

I hope 2023 will find us all working together with one big beating heart  .

There is no ‘ I ‘ in Team.

Not for us!!!

We are a special kind of ‘family’.

“A Happy New Year to you all”