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National Hygiene Week 2020

Launched by The Hygiene Bank, this week is National Hygiene Week, created to raise awareness of hygiene poverty which affects many of the 14 million people living in poverty in the UK. 

This year’s campaign is #BOGOF to hygiene poverty and the idea beyond it is very simple –  Find as many Buy One Get One Free deals on hygiene products, keep a product for yourself and donate the other. Share your great deal and good deed on social media to let others know that they can do the same! 

We have all faced and continue to face many challenges regarding Covid-19, with local lockdowns still taking place and various restrictions now being enforced again. As well as social distancing, one of the most important ways to deal with this pandemic is to make sure that personal hygiene is maintained, particularly when it comes to washing hands. 

At Abicare we have been putting measures in place to ensure the safety of anyone who comes into any of our offices – You will find hand sanitisers throughout the building and posters containing information on hand hygiene.

Do something great this Hygiene Week! It’s easy to get involved and you can help make a real difference.

National Hygiene Week