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Learning Disability Week 2023

This week it’s Learning Disability Week – this campaign takes place every year and was created by Mencap, a leading learning disabilities charity. 

This year’s theme is about busting myths of living with a learning disability. Mencap wants to highlight the incredible things that people with a learning disability can achieve. Unfortunately there are still many misconceptions about what people with a learning disability can do, and the stigma that many people face on a daily basis. 

At Abicare we have a number of learning disability clients, ranging from having a mild learning disability through to severe mental incapacity. 

Whether the care you need is for someone with a mild learning disability or a severe mental incapacity, our carers are trained to help. The Abicare team understands both the principles and the practice of person-centred care and assisted living. This means your care plan will make sure the goals you need to achieve are always tackled in the way you want.

As well as visiting care and respite care, Abicare offers live-in care for learning disabilities. Your care package could include:

• Ensuring personal safety.
• Helping the person achieve his or her potential.
• Freeing up family time from care – giving you more quality time together.
• Social inclusion or rehabilitation services.
• Transport escort services.

We are so thankful for our wonderful carers who provide such dedicated visiting care, respite care and live-in care – giving our clients and their families reassurance and peace of mind at all times.

Contact us today with any questions you have on our supported living services for learning disabilities.