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Indoor activities for those with limited mobility

Having limited mobility can be very challenging for an individual, physically as well as mentally. People who are confined in bed for long periods of time may suffer from mood swings and depression. They become tired of sitting or lying down and miss social interaction with others. 

However, there are a few ways that you can assist those with limited mobility.

Enjoy some brain games- Mental stimulation is so important- Doing some simple puzzles such as riddles, quizzes, word searches and sudoku can help immensely. 

Watch tv or some old movies- Watching something that relates to an individual’s past/younger years is a great way for someone to find enjoyment. It also opens up a great opportunity for you to talk to them about what films, music and books they like. 

Play music- Playing music is a great way to bring about a happy mood and helps to relieve stress, especially if it’s music from their era. 

Singing songs- This is a fun activity to help with brain stimulation and memory.

Do jigsaw puzzles or play card games- Large jigsaw puzzles with 16 to 24 pieces are ideal to help keep the brain stimulated without someone becoming too overwhelmed or getting frustrated. Simple card games such as snap are also a great way to keep the brain active.

Use sensory items- Items such as twiddlemuffs are great for helping with sensory stimulation and warming hands in the winter months.