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Feeling Proud

With Care in Crisis or as I prefer to describe it, Care in Limbo, I feel so proud to be working for a company that despite so many difficulties in our industry, have made the time to go out into our Communities and deliver free workshops to support families and friends dealing with the difficulties of Dementia.

Abicare have delivered 4 workshops to date, the most recent being in my home town of Bradford on Avon. 

Each workshop has proved to be extremely popular and our Training Team have really enjoyed sharing their knowledge and giving support to those people dealing with this terrible disease.

Proud to care

Social Care is at a crossroads, hence why I describe it as in Limbo!

We have real difficulty in recruiting new staff.  Without more staff, we, just like other agencies,  cannot take on more clients. This sadly means there are many people waiting patiently for our services.  For some we may be too late.  So much of our work is geared towards supporting people to maintain their independence for as long as possible, and enable them to live out their lives in their own homes. Something everyone hopes for in their future I am sure.

At Abicare we find we are unable to deliver those services on the scale we would like, so we have looked at other ways we can offer support to our communities, hence the birth of our free workshops.  If we cannot get to you in your homes,  we can at least give you the opportunity to come to us. Our aim is to give you the tools to enable you to take care of your loved ones yourself, specifically at this time coping with Dementia.  Hopefully further down the line if you need our services  we will be in a better position to meet your needs in your home environment.

Free Community Dementia Workshop

The birth of our workshops makes me so proud. It has also given our Abicare Trainers enormous pleasure to deliver their modules. Today the workshop attendees, like those before them, have gone home I am sure, feeling more empowered, more confident, and can look at a future less daunting.

We would welcome with open arms any of you out there who might consider working with us to provide our services to more people who are waiting for a Carer to walk through their door.

It’s only people like you who can make the difference.  A few hours of paid work a week would make all the difference to someone.  Maybe consider our TEN HOUR CHALLENGE? Five recruits working 10 hours…50 caring hours a week. What a difference that would make 👏 (Other contracts available).

Our wonderful Training Team would provide you with excellent training and give you the tools and knowledge to deliver much needed Care in your Community. 

We are a lovely team that supports each other.  We always have a warm welcome for someone new.

Perhaps you would like to join our Abicare Family and FLY THE FLAG FOR CARE!

You really could make a difference in your Community!