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Who is Kate Ball?

First of all, welcome to Happy Care Days, a blog series in which our carers share stories of their care career, experience, what made them join the care sector, and much more! The lead author of this series is Kate Ball.

Kate Ball is one of our extremely hardworking and dedicated Bradford-on-Avon carers – she has pursued tirelessly to raise the profile of Social Care and the incredible work done by carers. She has been on ITV News, in the Wiltshire Times, contacted local MPs, as well as going to local businesses to help fly the flag for care. She recognises that rather than waiting for ministers or the industry to react, we need to create our own opportunities. 

Kate has also recently been nominated as a “Carer of Note” at this year’s Healthcare show in London. 

Now we know more about her achievements, let’s find out more about who Kate is in her own words, and watch this space as we have more blogs from Kate to follow…. 

Who is Kate Ball?

Hello! 8 years on I never dreamed I would still be working in care. I needed a job and found myself out of the loop after 10 years on a smallholding in France.  In my early years I was in the Royal Navy working in an office.  In the years that followed I remained working in an office environment in customer service and administration.  One birthday had followed another and I suddenly found so many familiar doors closed to me.  The Abicare door opened wide and welcomed me in. I have never looked back! I have never felt so happy and fulfilled in my work. I have formed lasting relationships not only with colleagues but with clients. At a time I felt at the lowest point in my life, the lifeline was thrown to me. So here I am today, not too sure how this blog thing works, but I am going to give it a go and see where it leads me. I am hoping that by sharing the highs and lows of caring it might give an insight to those who may wonder what we do, and if people ‘share’, who knows, readers may be curious enough to phone the number at the top of the website and want to find out more.  

Kate Ball

Who am I?

I am the smile that walks through your door.

I am the extra pair of hands if you need them.

I am a really good listener, and I love to hear your stories, and you like to hear mine.

If you are having a bad day, I will try to make it better.

If I am having a bad day I won’t tell you but somehow you know, and your smile means everything.

Our relationship is very special, like no one else.

You trust me and that means the world to me.

I will never let you down. I will always try to make your day the best it can be.

You don’t know it, but you make my day the best it can be too.

Together we bring out the best in each other.

I ask things of you that I know are difficult sometimes, but you always try, you always do your best, and so do I.

On the days you struggle, that’s OK, we will try again later, or try again tomorrow.

I will never give up on you, and I will do my best to never let you down.

Together we are a team. Together we are strong and together we will never give up.

You are my client, and I am here for you.