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The Benefits of Social Care Training

At Abigroup we always want the best for our carers, and to enable them to care with confidence! Social Care training comes with many benefits. 

You are given all the skills necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your clients, as well as learning a new skill and starting 

your journey on a new career path.

Training allows for the delivery of a better quality of service, which is at the heart of social care. This inspires confidence in both the carer and their clients, and allows a client to help achieve better independence.

With confidence comes empowerment- if a carer feels confident in their skills and knowledge they will feel more positive in the care they deliver, and may well wish to further their career in care or take on new challenges. At Abicare, many of our staff have started out as a carer and progressed to more senior roles, including becoming a Registered Manager for their area.

Carers who receive a high standard of training and are given the scope for development will be more likely to stay with their employer and have a sense of job satisfaction. 

At Abigroup, we pride ourselves on offering first-class training, which stands carers in good stead to look after all clients with a high standard of care, and to progress further within the company. 

Abigroup offers two types of training- a 6-day course for those who are new to care, and 2-day refresher sessions for those who are already a carer. This allows us to ascertain their level of competency before they start delivering care to our clients. 

Refresher training is just as essential as training someone who is completely new to care- it allows the trainers to see their strengths and any potential weaknesses, and to ensure that their knowledge is kept up-to-date.

Once a carer has passed their training, they will go out with a current carer to shadow their care calls, before being signed off to work independently. However, at Abigroup we pride ourselves on the fact that you will be part of a friendly and dedicated team, who are always happy to offer support. 

As the care industry grows, at Abigroup we are aware that a lot of people have other daily commitments, which may make attending training rather difficult. This is why we have introduced Relias, our new e-learning platform. 

You can do a number of courses on our e-learning platform, some of which are not related to care, but can allow you to develop 

your knowledge in other areas, such as Excel, Word and even Management Skills!