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Random Acts of Kindness

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Acts of Kindness in Care

Although World Kindness Day took place last Friday, it is never too late to perform random acts of kindness. It’s so easy to do, and don’t forget that happiness releases the following ‘happiness hormones.’

  • Serotonin – mood stabiliser, wellbeing, happiness (feel good hormone)
  • Oxytocin –  Bonding, love, trust (known as the cuddle hormone)

One amazing act of kindness you can do is to take part in gifting items. For example, if you have just finished reading a book, why not pass it on to one of your friends?


There are many Random Acts of Kindness Facebook groups that have been set up in local areas, with the aim of sharing items for free. If you have something you no longer need that someone is in desperate need of, it’s a great way to start sharing, and building a (socially distanced) community based on kindness. 

Our carers often perform random acts of kindness for their clients – a few weeks ago we found out that two of our carers buy their client a bunch of flowers every week because they’re so fond of her.

As well as performing acts of kindness, we have also been the recipients of it. When lockdown was at its peak at the beginning of the year various companies including Galaxy, Avon, Coty, Weleda, Waitrose and Tesco donated items to us, or gave them to us at a discounted price, such as hand sanitiser from Downton Gin Distillery.  

We also had a number of ear savers, scrub bags, scrubs and visors/face shields made for us by local groups.


A few months ago, a resident at The Grange at Oborne Hotel was serenaded by the fantastic J.P ( a member of staff at the hotel) – It was a joyful and uplifting experience for all our live-in carers to hear his fantastic operatic vocals, and you can watch it here!

However you choose to do a random act of kindness, you can be sure that it will not only make the person you’re doing it for feel loved and appreciated, but you’ll also be releasing your own happiness hormones!

Thank you for all you do, and for the joy you bring to the lives of our clients.