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Covid-19 – The Importance of Social Distancing

At Abicare it is extremely important for all our staff to adhere to the social distancing guidelines as much as possible to ensure your own health and safety and that of our clients.

Social distancing measures are steps you can take to reduce social interaction between people. This will help reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

They are to:

1. Avoid contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). These symptoms include high temperature and/or new and continuous cough- if you suspect that one of our clients has coronavirus, it’s essential that you make the other carers aware, the clients family and the client’s GP and 111.

2. If you are a carer make sure that you change all your clothes and put them in the wash as soon as you get home, and that you have a shower.

3. Avoid non-essential use of public transport when possible.

4. If you are an office member of staff then work from home, where possible. We will support you in doing this.

5. Use telephone or online services to contact your GP or other essential services.

Everyone should be trying to follow these measures as much as is practicable.