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What do I personally do during an average working week as a Senior Community Carer?

I support and promote individuals’ dignity and independence and support them in their own homes.

I support people with their personal care;

clients with diseases, age related physical challenges, disabilities, and those who are at the end of their life.

I support clients with disabilities that are desperately clinging to their independence and dignity and ensure those important human rights are maintained.

I monitor, encourage,  prepare and deliver nutrition and fluids.

I administer medications and creams. In most cases, I am involved in the ordering of said items or let family members know items need ordering.

I alert families of any immediate concerns I have for their loved ones.

I have to assess any deterioration or safety issues I notice or detect in a client in whatever form that displays, and act appropriately.

I make gp appointments; request assessments by GPs, Community Nurses; Occupational Therapists for equipment to support independence and physicality; appointments for home visits; Chiropody,  vision and hearing and more I can’t think of; 

I liaise with my own management at every level when needed.

I do laundry, housework, and shopping.

I am a companion.

I support people with Dementia of all ages and stages of their illness.

(In this category of client I have been punched,  kicked,  scratched, spat at, hit across my face and side of my head; verbally abused……. It’s the illness..I didn’t duck away quickly enough! No blame.  I always go back for that smile!)

I am privileged to support those who are at the end of their life; for reasons that are age related or disease.

I fully support a lady who is ‘locked in’ with Motor Neuron Disease. She has an active brain with a body that doesn’t work;

I support clients with Parkinson’s disease;

I support clients with Multiple Sclerosis Disease.

I administer medication and nutrition through a ‘peg’ (a permanent tube into the stomach for those unable to eat, hydrate, and take medication orally), and carry out the maintenance of said peg.

I do catheter care and maintenance, and stoma care.

I am regularly updating and refreshing my own training.

I write Risk Assessments and Care Plans and update them as required.

I also do supervision and spot checks on our Carers to ensure standards are maintained, that they are safe and happy in their work.

I work with management and marketing to try and solve our recruitment challenges. Attend recruitment fairs. 

I write extensively to media and politicians to raise awareness and try and evoke workable solutions for the Social Care Sector in our country as well as locally.

I work hard with my colleagues to do the best we can for those who need us in our Communities.

I am part of the most amazing dedicated special team of people. We all share the same caring qualities and deliver this to the highest standards to our clients.

I work with the most amazing, brave, and courageous clients.

I am truly blessed.

To the politicians out there…



We need to talk to you…please!

Will you listen?

Our numbers are dwindling fast 😔