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Your Guide to Getting Home Safely

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before leaving work
Arriving home safe
At the door
Knock on door
Shout hello
plastic at door
work bag
walk straight to sink / shower
keep clean
keep clean on covid care

Before Leaving Work

Wash your hands thoroughly at last client before entering your car to come home.

Arriving Home

Wipe steering wheel controls and door handles.

At Front Door

Pause. Breathe. Reset. Take your time.

Knock on Door

Open from inside, step in.

Shout Hello

To loved ones, no cuddles yet.

Plastic Box at Door

Doff your work/commute shoes, outer clothes/coat/bag. Keys, pens and glasses, Wipe down with a damp soapy cloth.


Kept at work in a clear zip lock bag. Empty out of bag into boxwipe phone clean and throw the bag away.

Work Bag

Should be machine washable. Should be stored safely in car at work and kept in box by the front door at home.

Walk Straight to Sink/Shower

Don’t touch doors. Get someone else to open them for you. Wash of shower, especially face, hands and arms with soap
and hot water.

You Are Clean

Relax and enjoy your evening.