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FAQs: Live-in Care Career

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Live-in care FAQs

Carer FAQs

Are you still recruiting Live-in carers during Covid-19?

Live-in care is a popular choice for clients, as it allows them to stay in the safety of their own home. Therefore we definitely need live-in carers for our clients, since it is a safer and more popular choice than going into a care home at this current time. Your safety is paramount also, therefore we carry out the recruitment process via phone and also video link. You will also start your training using our online training platform. All our offices/training centres are Covid-safe.

Does the role of a Live-in carer require that I live with the client?

Yes, as a live-in carer you will live in the client’s home and be on hand 24/7. However, we are flexible regarding working patterns. We have to consider the needs of the client -the carer may require more frequent breaks the higher dependency of the care package. We try to match carers and clients so we achieve continuity for our clients and carers can get to know their clients desired outcomes well. Carers are required to deliver a person centred service.

What does a typical day look like as a Live-in carer?

As a Live-in carer you will provide person-centred care to your client including personal care and all aspects of daily living -preparing meals, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, laundry etc. You will provide companionship to the client and escort them, if required, for all appointments and trips. Some of our clients enjoy visiting garden centres, the shops, family and friends – so every day can be different!

Will I have my own room?

Yes, you will be given your own room- it is part of the agreement with the client that a Live-in carer will be given their own room. Before you are placed with a client, the Field Care Supervisor(FCS)/Care Service Manager(CSM) will visit the property to assess that it is suitable.

Do I have to buy my own food?

The client is responsible for funding 3 meals a day, at least one of which should be a hot meal. We aim for you and the client to plan meals and menus together where possible and encourage you to eat together where appropriate. If the client is able to help you with the food preparation, this encourages independance and gives them control of their daily lives. You are expected to buy your own extra snacks and treats etc . There may be circumstances where the client is unable to provide food. In that instance, Abicare will offer a food allowance

What breaks will I get during my Live-in placement?

As an Abicare Live-in carer, you will receive a 2-hour break per day (14 hours over the week), and we will provide carer relief during this time. You can use this time to go shopping, to the cinema, go for a walk etc, it’s your time. Alternatively, you can arrange to take a 4-hour break every other day, if this is suitable for the client and their family.

What breaks will I get between Live-in placements?

Live-in placements are flexible and built around the needs of the client. We ask that for our long term packages that you commit to working at least 3 to 4 weeks, as it is important for continuity of care to the client. This enables you to build up a relationship with the client. We also have short-term placements and respite packages that can last up to 2 weeks. Let us know what kind of placement you prefer – short or long term.

Where are your clients based?

Our clients are based throughout England and Wales. At Abicare, so that we can ensure you and the client match well, we look to match your skills, experience, the client’s needs and their likes and dislikes. As this is a Live-in service, where the client is based is not considered unless you state your preference to care in a certain area or county.

Am I employed by the client?

You will be employed directly by Abicare. We manage all of our carers and clients, and you will have the support of your allocated FCS/CSM. However, we do also have an option for carers to be self-employed. Please call us if you are interested.

Do you carry out risk assessments and prepare care plans for your clients?

Yes, a trained member of the Live-in team will visit the client and do a risk assessment and care plan – all the relevant paperwork will be left at the client’s house, ready for you to read through when you go to the client’s home. A member of the Live-in team will go and visit you and the client within the first 48 hours to see how you’re getting on. We wait for 48 hours to allow you and your client to get to know each other. The FCS/CSM is your line manager, please make sure you know who they are and have their contact details whenever you go into a client.

Will there be someone to contact in an emergency?

Yes, your Live-in package is continually managed by your FCS/CSM who is available during the week and there is also an on-call managed by the service team for any emergencies. Remember it is important to know who your FCS/CSM is and they may change if you move to a different client. There is also a Live-in carer resource pack/manual in the client’s home for you to refer to – it includes all our policies and procedures and contact information.

How much will I get paid?

The live-in carer salary ranges from £581 to £800 per week (before Tax & National Insurance deductions). The salary varies, based on the complexity of the client’s needs.

Will I get paid on a monthly or weekly basis?

Most of our Live-in carers are paid on a 4 weekly basis, however, you may request to be paid on a weekly basis (subject to T & C’s). As we employ you directly, rather than you being paid by the family, we take care of your tax and National Insurance paperwork. As a direct employee of Abicare, you are also entitled to accruing annual holiday pay and a pension scheme. All our carers are eligible to apply for a Blue Light Card which offers discounts on shopping and entertainment in shops, cinemas, restaurants, and online. All our carers are eligible to apply for a Blue Light Card – card offers discounts on shopping and entertainment in shops, cinemas, restaurants, and online.

Do I have to pay Tax and National Insurance?

Yes, if you opt for an employed role then Abicare will deduct these automatically from your pay each month. However, if you would like to be self-employed you would be responsible for your own tax and National Insurance. Please contact us if you think you would be interested in this option as we are able to offer some assistance with this.

How do I apply for a National Insurance Number?

You will need to apply for a National Insurance Number once you are placed with a client. You should then look to make an appointment at the Job Centre closest to where your client lives. You can find more details on the Government website – Apply for a National Insurance number

What should I do if I don’t have a UK bank account?

We can only pay into a UK bank account. If you wish to open a UK account then find out from the bank you have chosen what they require, we would be able to support you with this. We find that once you have an employment contract in the UK, this can often help. Your bank account must be in your own name.

Do I need to be able to drive?

It is definitely not a requirement but it helps if you can drive as it means you can get out and about with your client if their condition allows it. If you are a driver and the client has specifically requested a driver, you are able to receive a higher weekly rate. If the client still has a car, and you are required to drive the vehicle, you must check that you are added to the family’s insurance policy. Please note that you will need a full UK driving licence.

What pre-employment checks do you need to carry out?

Reference – All offers of employment are subject to us carrying out checks on your background and character. Before you can attend our training we will need to contact your 2 most recent employers for a reference. Your recruiter will ask you to complete a form giving the contact details of 4 people we can contact for your references. It is important that you complete this as soon as possible so that we have plenty of time to contact your references. Any delay in us hearing back from your references will mean a delay in your training and your employment with us.

Right to Work – All applicants need to provide their passport details and visa details. You will be asked to show us your passport and visa when interviewed either in person or through video call.

DBS – We will need to carry out an enhanced police check (DBS) in the UK. This is a requirement for anybody working with vulnerable adults in the UK. We will apply for this as soon as possible, but please be aware that the processing time for this check can be anything from 1 week – 1 month. If you are on the DBS Update service, then you can send us your certificate number. We will still need to see your original DBS certificate.

What impact will Brexit have on me working in the UK?

We ask that all EU nationals living and working in the UK follow the government’s advice: Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme

I live overseas, where will the interview be held?

A member of our recruitment team will be able to carry out the formal interview online either via Skype, Hangout, Facetime or WhatsApp.

What should I bring to training?

– Passport / ID card
– Visa (if applicable)
– 2 proofs of address dated within the last 3 months
– Driving licence (if you have one)
– Overseas police clearance
– Any nationally recognised UK training certificates
– Proof of National Insurance (if you have one)

What expenses will I incur during training?

We will pay up to £75 per day for your accommodation & meals and up to £75 for travel.

Do I get paid for training?

Abicare pays all our trainees the NMW for their 3-day classroom induction training – approximately £200.

What happens after training?

Once you have completed and passed your initial training we will match you with a client based on your capabilities, interests, and hobbies.

Who is responsible for paying and booking my flight?

You will need to book your own flights. You should aim to book flights at least 4 weeks in advance to keep costs to a minimum. We will reimburse you for your travel expenses from the airport to the client or training centre (to the limit of £75)

What happens if I book my flight in advance and my client no longer needs care?

We have new packages starting weekly, so we will be able to place you with an alternative client, even if only on a short term basis, until a long term package is available.

Does Abicare offer a pension scheme for employees?

Abicare staff may join the NEST pension scheme. If you are eligible but do not wish to join NEST, then you can opt-out. Instructions are given when you join Abicare.