Tara Worthing

Care Development Manager

Tara has worked in the care sector for 16 years and she also has a long history with Abicare. She previously worked for Abicare in 2007 for 6 years and rejoined in March 2019 as a Keyworker, progressing through the company to become a Live-in Care Development Manager, and she has been in this role since November 2019. Part of her role is to network and source new business, which includes attending networking events, seminars and building relationships with Local Authorities.

Tara loves working at Abicare, not only because of job satisfaction but also because of the opportunities Abicare has offered her regarding her personal development and career progression. 

She gained her initial NVQ in 2008 and after rejoining Abicare, Tara achieved her Level 5 in Leadership and Management in 2020. 

She is looking forward to future Hotel Projects and increasing the Abicare’s Live-in footprint in Wales.

Tara is a single parent to two growing girls and a wicked puppy.