Laura Moss


Laura joined Abicare as a part time trainer for one of our hotel projects on a 3 month temp contract from January – March 2022, where she was subsequently invited back in January 2023 as a part time trainer on a bank contract.

At the age of 7, Laura started being a carer for her parents. She has 42 years of experience in dentistry and has previous experience of working in hospitals, care homes and doing home care. She also worked for 10 years as a part time medic, working within the private ambulance service.

In addition to this, Laura was a DN tutor, medical emergency trainer and a postgraduate tutor for 19 years and it is this core knowledge that she brings with her to Abicare. 

Laura aims to provide quality training to carers and to inspire them to provide the best care for their clients. She also wants to encourage continual learning to enable staff to feel fulfilled in their role, enabling them to enjoy their work, to perform to the best of their ability and to reach their full potential.